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Available everyday EXCEPT Tuesday, pre-order at least one day before! (by 5.30pm)


Set of 4 Ice Cream Petit Gâteau:

  1. MIKO
    Contains: Cheese Ice Cream, Exotic Sorbet, Frozen Cheesecake, Mango Cream, Sable Breton

    Contains: Almond Dacquoise, Mango Ice Cream, Raspberry Sorbet, Lychee Sorbet

  3. POCO
    Contains: Sable Breton, Coconut Dacquoise, Red Bean Filling, Taro Ice Cream, Orange Coulis

    Contains: Strawberry Mousse, Yuzu Sorbet, Raspberry Coullis, Matcha Ice Cream, Croustillant Base


* Includes a Tanuki by Crustz cooler bag and dry ice

Happy Camper

  • Note: This is an ice cream cake. This product comes with a free cooler bag to ensure safe transportation.

    1. Handle box with care; hold it upright and secure bottom.
    2. Must be kept in freezer and best stored in box.
    3. Best consumed within 3 days.
    4. Avoid direct sunlight and heat exposure.
    5. Taste best when shared or as a sneaky treat!
    6. Best consumed slightly defrosted to -11°C.

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