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7 Must-Visit Dessert Spots in Petaling Jaya as featured by Trixoli (2023)

July 2023, Trixoli

  1. Xiao by Crustz

Trixoli presents Xiao By Crustz, a generously spacious and inviting dessert haven nestled in Petaling Jaya. This charming establishment entices with an exquisite range of pastries, plated desserts, and delectable ice cream creations. The tranquil atmosphere and attentive service cocoon patrons in a serene escape, perfect for savoring delightful indulgences. Among their standout offerings is the Nutcracker, boasting a harmonious blend of strawberry compote, velvety chocolate mousse, and a satisfying crunch of peanuts. For those seeking a touch of caffeine, the Serenite beckons – a tantalizing coffee-infused almond sponge cake that's sure to awaken the senses.

2. Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

Trixoli also wrote "For dessert lovers, Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar is one of the must-visit dessert spots in Petaling Jaya. Guests can enjoy a variety of desserts, including the cafe’s signature cloud cakes, homemade waffles and plated desserts. And, of course, a sweet treat is never complete without a good cup of coffee, and Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar offers espresso-based and hand-brewed coffee."


(source: KAKIYUKI / Facebook)

KAKIYUKI emerges as the quintessential dessert destination in Petaling Jaya, offering a haven of cool and invigorating delights. Renowned for their expertise in crafting kakigōri, the exquisite Japanese shaved ice dessert, the establishment is dedicated to using premium natural fruits and ingredients. The delicate, snow-like shaved ice, paired with seasonal produce, epitomizes freshness. Notably, KAKIYUKI's commitment to authenticity shines through, as they refrain from employing artificial colorings, flavorings, or concentrates, delivering a genuine and nourishing dessert encounter.

4. Dao Desserts

Dao Desserts emerges as an essential destination for enthusiasts of soy milk and desserts, boasting a menu meticulously curated by the trio accountable for Weong Kee Bean Curd in Ipoh. With their father's legacy of over 25 years, the establishment offers a concise yet impressive selection. From the velvety and airy soy milk beverages, both in white and black variations, to the delectable tau foo fah complemented by choices like red beans or black sesame paste. The tau fu fah's tender and silky texture renders it an enchanting dessert choice.

5. Creme De La Creme (CDLC)

Creme De La Creme (CDLC) stands as a highly acclaimed dessert destination in Malaysia, celebrated for its artisanal ice cream creations. Benefitting from the expertise of pastry chefs trained by renowned dessert master Christy Tania, CDLC distinguishes itself by employing exclusively premium, all-natural ingredients devoid of preservatives, artificial flavorings, or colorings. This commitment yields a selection of opulent, velvety, and luscious ice creams, consistently delivering impeccable quality alongside visually captivating aesthetics. CDLC garners recognition for its inventive spirit and ingenuity, notably for introducing the pioneering "Beauty Elixir," the world's inaugural beauty-focused ice cream, catalyzing innovation within both the beauty and F&B industries.

6. Softsrve

Softsrve emerged as a dessert haven, swiftly attaining widespread acclaim upon its establishment in 2015. Situated within the Klang Valley, this artisanal soft serve emporium presents an array of meticulously crafted soft serve variations coupled with decadent waffles. The watermelon sorbet tacos have garnered a devoted following, enticing eager patrons to queue for a delectable experience. Under the stewardship of a co-owning ensemble with an unwavering commitment to freshness, Softsrve adeptly crafts ice creams on demand, guaranteeing a pinnacle of quality in each serving.


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