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Christmas Cheer (Alcohol)

Ice Cream Petit Gâteau
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Available Wednesday-Sunday, pre-order at least one day before! (before 5.30pm)

Set of 4 Ice Cream Petit Gâteau:

SWEET HOME (Alcohol)
Alunga Chocolate Parfait
Bailey's Ice Cream
Caramelised Pecan Nuts
Hazelnut Caramel
Hazelnut Dacquoise

PERRY (Alcohol)
Poached Pear in Wine
Wine Sorbet
Orange Parfait
Almond Sponge
Malt Ice Cream
Tanzania Chocolate Ice Cream
Soft Caramel
Crispy Rice Puff Base

Strawberry Mousse
Yuzu Sorbet
Raspberry Coullis
Matcha Ice Cream
Croustillant Base

* Includes a Tanuki by Crustz cooler bag and dry ice
* These are ice cream cakes. Do make sure to keep them in the freezer

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