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Self pickup

Self Pickup

(12.00 - 6.00pm)
Tip: Bring your own cooler bag to ensure freshness


Delivery Timing

(12.00 - 6.00pm)
Orders sent out every hour


Delivery within Klang Valley

FREE delivery available, starting from purchases above RM90.

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Made with Love

100% pork, lard and alcohol free.


Award Winning Chef

Afternoon Tea Competition

For more info, head on to the FAQ page!

Our  Bestsellers

Our Customers say..

"Love the chocolate cake with the ribbon on top!
Ribbon is made up of white chocolate and taste good together with the cake itself that is filled with layers, not too sweet which makes you crave for more!"

- Jeremy Chua (Google Review)

"Delicious Ichigo cake. The compote was not too sweet and not sour. The cream was light and airy"

-J Li (Google Review)

"Always love coming to Xiao for their well made petit gateaux! You can tell from their cakes how much care and effort goes into each piece, and I’ve always loved their flavor pairings where none of the flavors are overpowering and are well balanced."

-Kagi (Google Review)

"Probably the best cakes you'll ever be able to find in Malaysia. The presentation is absolutely perfect the taste is extremely refined and delicate the texture is amazing and the flavor combination heavenly. They only have a handful of types of cakes by the portion which for any connoisseur and specialist is a sign of freshness and extreme dedication to the highest quality standards"

-Erwin Wagner (Google Review)

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