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Xiao by Crustz: Layers of flavours as featured by Edge Prop

Chelsey Poh / February 06, 2020

In the narrative attributed to Chelsey Poh, attention is drawn to a remarkable dessert called "The Coconut" at Xiao by Crustz. This creation stands out for its unique approach, where every element, including the "husk" of the coconut and a chocolate straw, is entirely edible. The dessert comprises a delightful blend of coconut mousse and banana passion fruit compote, resting atop a crunchy base derived from coconut. The outer layer is meticulously coated with dark chocolate to replicate the appearance of a coconut husk. Notably, this establishment is affiliated with Xiao-Ly Koh. The distinctive flavor profile of this dessert is primarily shaped by the banana passion fruit compote, which showcases the incorporation of local pisang emas—a variety resembling miniature bananas. This unique banana type imparts a rich banana essence and a silky texture. The addition of passion fruit introduces a pleasant tanginess and an appealing aroma to the compote, effectively balancing its sweetness and creating an engaging semi-lava effect within the filling. Simultaneously, the luscious coconut mousse is masterfully crafted from coconut puree, a fusion of coconut milk and coconut water. This blend results in a creamy consistency and a notable coconut flavor that adds to the dessert's overall charm.

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