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12 M’sian brands for alternative Mid-Autumn Festival treats as reported by Vulcan Post

In the words of Claudia Kaw, for those who find themselves less enamored with the flavor of conventional mooncakes or seek a change of palate, fortune smiles upon them. Claudia presents a compilation of exceptional Mid-Autumn-themed confections and local brands that have embraced this unique culinary theme, providing an alternative to traditional mooncakes.

Image Credit: xiao by crustz

Xiao by crustz

Under the penmanship of Claudia Kaw, it's revealed that a seven-inch creation titled "Moon Dream," hails from the domain of xiao by crustz. This cake is distinguished by its infusion of citrus and earl grey notes. To expound, its composition includes a sable vennoise, a lemon financier, bergamot confit, earl grey ganache, and a light citrus mousse. The culinary innovation takes on a thematic element with a rabbit illustration adorning its surface, coupled with delicate gold foiling. This creation is among the numerous delectable treats featured in the mentioned collection.

Mj bakes

Image Credit: mj bakes

In the narration of Claudia Kaw, the expertise of Bukit Jalil-based mj bakes in crafting choux pastries has led them to conceive a charming Mid-Autumn Festival set, adorned with endearing bunny motifs. Within each set, patrons can delight in six meticulously prepared choux pastries, showcasing a medley of flavors such as the renowned vanilla, Niko Neko matcha, and oolong tea. The playful bunny embellishments, rendered in fondant, add an additional touch of allure to this delightful assortment.

Pǐn By Eve

Image Credit: Pǐn by Eve

In the article penned by Claudia Kaw, the pursuit of a subdued yet festive gastronomic experience leads to the collaboration between Pǐn by Eve and Gerson Batik. This creative alliance births a choux set, introducing six new flavors that encapsulate the essence of celebration. The offerings encompass Matcha Adzuki, Chocolate with Cashew Nut Praline, Chrysanthemum with Cocoa Nibs, Black Sesame with Ginger Gula Melaka Caramel, Oolongan, and Pandan Lotus Seed. Adding to the charm, the entire ensemble is elegantly bundled within a reusable batik tote bag courtesy of Gerson Batik, culminating in a harmonious blend of flavors and aesthetics.

Image Credit: Madcarons


In Claudia Kaw's description, a contemporary trend intertwining French desserts with the Chinese festival ethos is evident, with macarons emerging as a delightful alternative to traditional mooncakes. Madcarons has embarked on this journey to reinterpret Mid-Autumn treats, presenting an array of flavors including Pandan Lotus, Black Sesame Lemon Curd, and Red Bean. These macarons are thoughtfully crafted, embellished with moon and bunny motifs, aligning them perfectly with the Mid-Autumn thematic landscape.

Image Credit: Cakes by Maine

Cakes by Maine

Within Claudia Kaw's composition, the narrative highlights KL-based Cakes by Maine's creation known as the Zhong Qiu Collection. This assortment of delicate macarons introduces six distinctive designs, each accompanied by an individual flavor profile. Among the designs, patrons can find a lantern, a bunny, a moon, and more. The flavorful journey encompasses Oreo Dark Chocolate, Cheese Cracker, Andes Mint, Callebaut matcha, Triple Strawberry, and Salted Caramel, encapsulating an amalgamation of creative design and delectable tastes.

Image Credit: Ukiyo Café

Ukiyo Café

As conveyed by Claudia Kaw's discourse, the Mid-Autumn Festival Set presented by Ukiyo Café, hailing from Johor, takes center stage. This collection features a quartet of delectable offerings, blending choux pastries and macarons to offer a diverse medley of tastes and textures. Among the selection, the "Usagi" claims the spotlight—an exquisite Yam and Vanilla Religieuse, a French pastry comprising dual choux components. Following suit is "Tsuki," boasting a harmonious marriage of Black Sesame and Lemon Tart. The assemblage continues with "Akachochin," characterized by an Oolong Red Bean Mousse, while the "Mangetsu," embodied by a Yuzu Hojicha Macaron, concludes this gustatory journey. Each element of this curated ensemble contributes to a harmonious amalgamation of flavors, choux, and macarons.

Image Credit: JOBBIE Nut Butter

JOBBIE Nut Butter

In Claudia Kaw's exposition, JOBBIE, renowned for its peanut butter offerings, has joined hands with Vanilla Crepe to conceive a distinctive assemblage of "mooncrepes" centered around the crypto theme. These crepes, sculpted in the likeness of mooncakes, manifest in an array of four flavors: Shiba Chunky PB, Ethereum Tropical Fruits, Bitcoin Creamy Peanut Butter, and Terra Luna Rainbow Vanilla. The collaboration takes a digital twist, with each set of these mooncake-shaped crepes entailing an additional incentive—a complimentary NFT. This digital token not only bestows a lifelong 10% discount on purchases at Vanilla Crepe outlets and JOBBIE Nut Butter's online platform but also grants access to exclusive private events. This fusion of culinary creativity and technology accentuates the innovative narrative woven by JOBBIE and Vanilla Crepe

Image Credit: Licky Chan

Licky Chan

Within Claudia Kaw's account, the confluence of ice cream and tattoo parlour expertise finds expression in the creation of a six-inch ice cream mooncake by Licky Chan for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This exquisite offering boasts a silky snow skin enveloping a delightful composition of tonka bean ice cream, cacao nibs, and a sumptuous durian cream center. This culinary endeavor, emblematic of Licky Chan's creativity, adds a unique touch to the traditional festivities.

Image Credit: Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème

Claudia Kaw's narrative introduces Crème De La Crème, renowned for their innovative ice cream creations, as they return to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a quartet of distinctive ice cream mooncakes. The collection, comprising Moon Rabbit, "Hamtaro," Chang E’s Fan, and Chang E’s Elixir, attests to their creative prowess. The Moon Rabbit rendition unfolds with layers of Japanese genmai ice cream, Japanese nori cracker, a white chocolate dip, alongside black sesame ice cream and matcha ganache simulating a yolk. "Hamtaro," playfully inspired by the Japanese anime hamster, combines pu’er chrysanthemum ice cream, dark chocolate ice cream, yuzu sorbet, chocolate cookies, and a white chocolate dip. Meanwhile, Chang E’s Fan is orchestrated with oolong tea ice cream, accompanied by a white chocolate dip, and a yolk fashioned from longan sorbet. The assemblage culminates in Her Elixir, an intricate harmony of houjicha ice cream, sesame crunch, white chocolate dip, Sakura ice cream, and a lychee yolk compote. These inventive ice cream mooncakes from Crème De La Crème epitomize the convergence of culinary imagination and festive tradition.

Image Credit: C3 Lab

C3 Lab

Within Claudia Kaw's composition, the spotlight falls upon C3 Lab, renowned for their opulent and aesthetically pleasing cakes, as they introduce a distinctive offering to the Mid-Autumn Festival landscape through their limited-edition cakes. Encompassing elegance and gastronomic innovation, each box is a treasure trove comprising four petit gâteaus, each adorned with unique flavors. This assortment features the delectable offerings of Exotic Cheesecake, Vanilla Hennessy Raisin, Pistachio Raspberry, and Araguani Yuzu, a harmonious blend that caters to diverse palates. Elevating the visual allure, these cakes are graced with the iconic jade rabbit motif and bedecked with delicate edible gold foiling. The convergence of visual artistry and culinary craftsmanship exemplifies C3 Lab's commitment to creating a unique and memorable Mid-Autumn Festival experience.

Image Credit: Champignons Patisserie

Champignons Patisserie

In Claudia Kaw's account, the name Champignons Patisserie has earned recognition over the years for their exquisite and delightful mooncake creations, a tradition they uphold for the current Mid-Autumn Festival. The themed collection for this year stands out, showcasing five meticulously crafted pastries named Acorn, Bunny, Fall, Moon, and Matcha. Acorn is distinguished by its hazelnut infusion, while Bunny exudes apple and orange nuances. Fall presents the flavors of Yuzu and Pear, while Moon encapsulates the essence of Maple. Notably, Matcha takes center stage with its characteristic matcha flavor. For those seeking a larger indulgence, Champignons Patisserie offers the Autumn Bunny, a seven-inch confection weighing 1.1kg. This creation harmoniously combines Pear Mousse, Yuzu Pear Compote, Yuzu Curd, Vanilla Sponge, and Chocolate Crunch, accentuating their commitment to crafting memorable and delightful dessert experiences.

Image Credit: Enchante Patisserie

Enchante Patisserie

Claudia Kaw's narrative introduces the innovative endeavors of Enchante Patisserie, which has ventured into reimagining the traditional mooncake landscape. This journey has given rise to a captivating offering, featuring two full-sized rabbit cakes named Jade Rabbit and Luna, alongside an assortment of petit gâteaus. Among these offerings, Luna boasts the renowned "Wu Ren" flavor—caramelized mixed nuts—elevated by a delicate hint of lemon. The Jade Rabbit creation presents an older yet exceptional recipe conceived by Chef Tan Wei Loon during the 2015 World Cup Competition. This intricately layered delight encompasses hazelnut choc crisp, chocolate gene sponge, tea ganache, mango yuzu creameux, yuzu confit with pomelo pulp, and chocolate mousse. Furthermore, the petit gâteau collection encompasses a spectrum of flavors and textures. Moon Rock melds black sesame with mandarin notes, Tart Wu Ren harmonizes lemon caramel with almond, while Jade marries earl grey, apple yuzu, and hazelnut. The Cloud Matcha petit gâteau combines green tea, red bean, and cheese, culminating in a harmonious blend that underscores Enchante Patisserie's innovative approach to Mid-Autumn Festival offerings.


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