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Exquisite Xmas cakes from 11 local patisseries as featured by Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post featured list of elegant and exquisite cakes made by local patisseries to celebrate holiday in 2022

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

In Claudia Kaw's presentation, Xiao by Crustz unveils an array of captivating Christmas offerings designed to infuse the holiday season with delectable joy. Among the highlights is the Red Xmas, a seven-inch strawberry shortcake composed of a vanilla sponge, strawberry confit, light mascarpone vanilla cream, sable vennoisse, and fresh strawberries, requiring pre-order at least a day in advance. For those seeking smaller delights, the bakery presents an assortment of petit gâteaus. The Winter Wonderland features four petite cakes, while Santa’s Workshop stands as another tempting choice. Alternatively, the Noel set entices with ice cream-filled petit gâteaus boasting various flavors. Xiao by Crustz also caters to the festive spirit with Christmas Cheer, an indulgent set of four ice cream petit gâteaus, offering a touch of "cheers" for adults looking to celebrate the season with an extra-special twist.

In Claudia Kaw's account, C3 Lab introduces an exquisite rectangular cake adorned with intricate ornaments and a gracefully scripted "Noel" inscription, embodying the elegance of the festive season in French. The Noel Blanc cake boasts a multi-layered composition that skillfully blends hazelnut and chocolate flavors. The mousse, sponge, and croustillant layers are all infused with the delightful essence of hazelnut, while the ganache centerpiece is an indulgent embodiment of chocolate. Additionally, the Joel 2.0 presents a captivating sight, featuring a stunning Christmas tree motif accented with delicate gold elements. This cake, a harmonious blend of hazelnut and chocolate, offers a praline base that adds a delectable layer of crunchiness. With a weight of 900g, the Joel 2.0 cake stands as a luxurious creation tailored to embrace the festive spirit.

Image Credit: Lachér Patisserie

Lachér Patisserie, a French-inspired online cake shop as mentioned by Claudia Kaw, presents an array of exquisite options for this Christmas season, including three limited edition cakes and a selection of petit gâteaus in tune with the holiday spirit. The trio of Christmas edition cakes boasts alluring choices: Chesnut Cassis, Pecan Chocolate, and Vanilla Pear. Each cake is adorned with decorative chocolates, elevating their festive appeal. In addition to these delectable cakes, Lachér Patisserie offers two sets of petit gâteaus, each priced at RM92. The Teatime Set features indulgent selections like Pistachio Raspberry, Chocolate Caramel Mixed Nut Tart, Citron Tart, and Salted Caramel Saint-Honore. Meanwhile, the Afternoon Treat set tempts with delights such as Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline, Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart, Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse, and Petit Gateau Fromage, delivering an array of flavors to savor during the holiday season.

In the commentary by Claudia Kaw, Enchante Patissierie offers a festive delight with their Joyeux – X’mas Gift Box, perfect for celebrating a joyful Christmas. The gift box encompasses a tantalizing combination of a fruit cake and indulgent Belgium chocolate bon bons. The centerpiece of this gift box is an earl grey and yuzu-flavored fruitcake, masterfully crafted to perfection. Infused with the essence of over 15 distinct fruits, including raisin, lemon peel, orange peel, mango, cranberry, apricot, Buddha hand, pineapple, fig, Goji berry, longan peel, and peach, it promises a harmonious fusion of flavors that encapsulate the essence of the season.

Image Credit: Kuke Desserterie

In Claudia Kaw's account, Kuke Desserterie unveils a captivating Christmas collection, featuring three distinct creations to add a delectable touch to the festivities. The log cake named Dalgona x Gold is characterized by its dark moist chocolate cake, enriched with fudgy dark brownies and generous portions of Callebaut Gold caramel almond praline crunch. The Epal et Créme, a vanilla almond sugee cake, is adorned with vanilla custard and cinnamon-spiced Pink Lady apple slices for those with a penchant for sweetness. Additionally, the Lychee Peachy showcases a Japanese cheesecake infused with lychee and peach cubes within classic vanilla whipped cream frosting, available in various sizes. To enhance the gifting experience, Kuke Desserterie offers a festive Gift Box featuring a quartet of delightful desserts: Kué, Moonlight, Epal et Crème (a smaller version of the sugee cake), and Mille Vanilla.

Image Credit: Rêves Doux Patisserie

In Claudia Kaw's depiction, this baker's exclusive Christmas assortment boasts a quartet of captivating cakes, each bearing its own distinctive charm—Noël, Gingerbread Man, Courrone de Noël, and Snow Flake. A standout creation, Noël presents an ingeniously crafted almond flourless cake, adorned with layers of honey chrysanthemum, honey mousse, chrysanthemum jelly, and a sumptuous chocolate gourmet glaze. The Gingerbread Man makes an appearance as a delectable chocolate almond cake, enriched with 75% dark chocolate mousse, accompanied by notes of mandarin orange ginger marmalade, dark chocolate caramel ganache, and a delightful dark chocolate crispy streusel. The Courrone de Noël unveils a culinary journey with its macadamia orange cake, drawing inspiration from the traditional French fruit cake. This rendition boasts macadamia nuts, orange peel, and a homemade macadamia praline, promising a fusion of textures and flavors. Concluding the assortment, the Snow Flake showcases a pristine almond joconde cake, accentuated by red wine coulis, light cheese mousse, red wine cranberry namelaka, and a satisfyingly crisp almond streusel, combining to create a harmonious symphony of taste and texture.

Image Credit: MMG Patisserie

In Claudia Kaw's narrative, MMG Patisserie reveals an array of enticing Christmas delicacies, comprising a variety of treats to celebrate the season in style. Among the offerings, the collection includes the Christmas Bundt Cake, Christmas Log Cake, Christmas Reindeer, Chrismassy Gift, Frosty Christmas, and MMG Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Bundt Cake, a timeless festive choice, is presented in four flavors—classic butter, lemon butter, earl grey, or coffee—adorned with an elegant drizzle and adorned with wintry embellishments like pine cones and flowers.

The Christmas Log Cake takes on an unconventional form, resembling a log while offering a decadent chocolate cake experience in various sizes.

The Christmas Reindeer and Christmassy Gift, both buttercream cakes, introduce delightful design elements—a reindeer and a circular present box, respectively—offering a range of delectable flavors to indulge in.

For those seeking a structurally unique option, the MMG Christmas Tree takes shape as a raspberry white chocolate Medovik cake, fashioned like a Christmas tree, while the Frosty Christmas presents a vintage-designed tiramisu cake.

Image Credit: Elevete Patisserie

In Claudia Kaw's account, Elevete Patisserie showcases a splendid array of festive cakes, promising a delightful holiday indulgence. Among their offerings, the Christmas Log Cake emerges as a Moist Chocolate Cake swirled with their Signature Salted Caramel buttercream, encased in a luscious dark couverture chocolate frosting. Diving into nostalgia, the Grandma's Fruit Cake shines with Biscoff ganache and apricot glaze. Meanwhile, the Raspberry Kaffir Lime Pound Cake captivates with raspberry jam and zesty lime glaze. The Sticky Date Pudding presents a delectable harmony of salted caramel buttercream and milk chocolate caramel glaze. For a diverse tasting experience, Elevete also presents the Mini Gâteaux De Voyage Trio—a trio of mini cakes representing the three flavors—for those seeking a more compact option to savor the festive delights.

Image Credit: Voila Patisserie

In Claudia Kaw's coverage, Voila Patisserie proudly introduces The Voyager—an opulent forêt noire entremet, crafted as a delightful collaboration with Pulp & Beans Chocolate. Underneath its lavish decoration, this masterpiece reveals layers of mascarpone, Chantilly cream, chocolate cremeux, cherry compote, a cocoa-rich biscuit, and a hazelnut croustillant for a satisfying closure.

The array also includes the charming Baby Rudolph cake, boasting a fusion of cassis fruit glaze, lychee vanilla mousse, cassis coulis, chestnut vanilla cream, chestnut spread, hazelnut dacquoise, and cassis fruit meringue for an exquisite symphony of flavors.

For those seeking an assortment, Voila Patisserie offers a special petit gâteau set, promising a delectable experience in every bite. Additionally, pastry aficionados can indulge in the Les Trois Fromage

In her coverage, Claudia Kaw highlights Champignons Patisserie's festive offerings for the Christmas season. Among their creations is the Mont Blanc Log Cake featuring a delightful blend of chestnut mousse, chestnut cremeux, raspberry jelly, crumble crunch, and almond joconde, adorned with snowflakes and edible silver for a wintry charm. Additionally, the Xmas Log Cake, entices with its red, round ornaments. This option boasts a symphony of flavors through Cacao Barry coffee chocolate mousse, Guayaquil dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut cake, and milk chocolate crumble. For an endearing choice, customers can explore the Winter Festival Log Cake. Its base encompasses Cacao Barry 65% Guayaquil dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, and chocolate crunch. The cake's captivating toppers include an orange-flavored bunny, a dark chocolate-highlighted reindeer, and a fruity Xmas sphere with redberry mousse, orange, and apple compote. Furthermore, Champignons Patisserie presents the Winter Collection. This assortment includes four petit gâteaus—Ruby, Reindeer, Xmas Gateau, and Xmas Sphere—for a delightful medley of flavors and textures.

Image Credit: The Ice Cream Bar

Claudia Kaw showcases The Ice Cream Bar's luxurious holiday treats, including boozy ice cream cakes, in her article. The red and green Christmas Wreath Ice Cream Cake, is a delectable creation featuring Black Forest ice cream enveloped in Bols Kirsch cherry liqueur-infused chocolate mousse. This masterpiece also boasts layers of raspberry jam, flourless chocolate cake, and almond praline feuilletine for a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The brand's festive ice cream flavors are also highlighted, with options like Chocolate Cherry Cake, Black Forest, Penfolds Sangria, and Penfolds Mulled Wine.


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