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A hidden oasis as featured by The Sun Daily

In the realm of dessert connoisseurs, S. Tamarai Chelvi highlights the allure of Xiao by Crustz, a contemporary French patisserie hub. This establishment boasts an array of culinary delights, ranging from meticulously crafted petite gateaux to handcrafted ice creams and pastries, all nestled within its Petaling Jaya establishment. The spotlight shines on their signature petite gateaux, exquisitely designed confections that practically beg to be admired before being savored. These miniature marvels demand intricate skill and technical prowess to bring to life, with every minute detail carefully attended to. The assortment of these charming cakes offers a delightful medley of flavors and textures to tantalize the senses. Originating from the vision of cafe proprietor Xiaoly Koh, the inception of Xiao by Crustz took place seven years ago at PJ’s Happy Mansion. This enchanting establishment stands as a testament to Koh's creative autonomy, allowing her to fashion her edible masterpieces. The cakes' artful exteriors coupled with their unexpected inner flavors and textures provide Koh with the inspiration to specialize in crafting these delectable and delicate desserts.

Intriguing visitors through its expansive front glass door, S. Tamarai Chelvi offers insight into a café with a minimalist interior and an inviting ambiance. Upon entry, the eyes are drawn to an enticing showcase of ice cream flavors, delectable pastries, and opulent petite cakes housed within a glass cabinet reminiscent of a jewelry display.

A sense of comfort envelops guests as they step inside, greeted by a tastefully designed space that encourages relaxation while indulging in desserts. The café's interior presents an inviting setting for patrons to savor their treats.

Stepping further in, one discovers a secluded private dining room, providing a touch of exclusivity. Beyond the pastry counter, the surprise unfolds—a remarkably spacious seating area bathed in natural light, enhancing the overall experience.

The café's ambiance is enriched with verdant plants, infusing vibrant hues and a welcoming touch to the surroundings. This aesthetic transformation is a creation of the adept local interior designer Amy Liang, known for her prowess at CocoaKacang Design Studio.

A remarkable aspect of the café's interior design derives from the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, known as Japandi. This amalgamation offers a unique array of seating arrangements that contribute to the café's distinctive charm.


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